Blade and Soul Ranking System Additional Kumite Mode
Blade and Soul exposure release schedule, the players had been more concerned about the rankings system, from the addition of Kumite Mode rankings since June. A more comprehensive system of competitive rankings, both in the battlefield 1V1, 3V3 or on the battlefield Kumite Mode, as long as the outstanding performance among the best you can in the standings here, "title", admired by millions of people.
Blade and Soul contest charts, contains a list of major areas of strong competition, a list of every name can be said to be "synonymous with strength"! Starting in June, "Blade and Soul" contest ranking charts additional Kumite Mode, perennial removed from the battlefield Kumite Mode, the player has both the power and the strategy, this time in front of the public have the opportunity to "faceless"! Kumite Mode Ranking 1V1 rankings are updated daily 6:00, you want long-term presence in the first place, it would need to enjoy rubbing Kumite Mode abuse opponent on the battlefield!
Blade and Soul in Kumite Mode, 3V3 mode is used, roughly rule is "a dead one," but in fact Kumite Mode There are some special rules, so that the original, "said good singled out" to evolve into "unscrupulous melee "! Kumite Mode Before the war, the need to prioritize the fight sequence, the next is No. 1 played by the two parties for the war. In the course of the war, the war and bystanders under the circumstances on the battlefield, choose to limit the number of replacement and broke into features, combat may become 1 to 1 of 2 1,3 1,2 to 2,3 to 2 and fighting 3 on 3. Regardless of what kind of strategy, you want to win the Kumite Mode, it must be played across all three people get on the ground!

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