Blade and Soul Infinite weapon properties will be adjusted

Orientation and properties Infinite weapons

Infinite weapon will be the follow-up phase intangible / Nebula weapons in Blade and Soul. Invisible / Nebula weapons internal code E1, and candle magic weapon code-named N1, this summer will be updated Infinite weapons E2. On the property, E2 weapons is certainly higher than E1 weapons.

The higher value space E1 E2 arms weapons, there must be some overlap with the N1 arms. In the design, we will attribute 15 of Infinite candle magic weapon is set to about 10 weapons in paragraph (numerical system a large part of the sword of the Spirit comes from the skill bonuses, and the output efficiency of different occupations, different skills may be between There are different, and therefore, the update to the south of heaven, we may make adjustments to the new E2 weapon properties based on the actual situation)

Growth Infinite weapons

By the drawing of tree growth, we believe that part of the Blade and Soul players will find a characteristic E2 weapons: snail shell to do temple. We will be high-value space E1 and N1 Dan Dan took out the middle, split into more of Dan, put the weapon into E2. For example, 8 to 12 segments nebula total of four times the evolution of property growth in Infinite weapons, would require eight times evolution.

In addition, the material is not just a growth E2 arms each require less time to accumulate, evolutionary success probability E2 weapons will be increased dramatically, especially in low-Dan weapons. And, after the failure of growth, it will only lose Blade and Soul gold and bound material without loss of other materials.

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