45 million win 477 million!The strongest European Cup miracle continues


Iceland's miracle continues. God doesn't live up to the euro spending now playing then miraculously FIFA17  team, a population of 320000, more than 1/10 of the nation's people ran to the French football, and they finally had the privilege of witness the team to beat England, "cod wars" extended to the football field, the continental Europe country, FIFA17 still won the game.

An area of 10.3 square kilometers and a population of 320000, in front of the member countries of the world's biggest strongmen UK England, Iceland, whether national or football team looked very small. FIFA17 value aspect, according to "the transfer market in Germany, Iceland the total price is 44. 75 million euros of 23 people, FIFA17 England's total price is 477 million euros, is 10 times of Iceland.Iceland is the most expensive player in the premier league west goodson (13 million euros), and the team's total value, Iceland is not as good as the most expensive one sterling in England (45 million euros).

There are a lot of players and the of pluralism, over ten of the population deduce the support of the crazy in France defender oda says, to see those audiences, at least 50% are seen or known.These little details, to the story of "little people counter attack" added some charming ficture , have also been mentioned so many times in these days. Iceland's government in the financial industry flourished when open, after the financial crisis also did not give up football revitalization plan, FIFA17 at the 2016 European championships finally harvest the fruits of the game .

The land area of 10 square kilometers, most of the area are still uninhabitable volcanic landforms, a total of 179 a standard football field and 128 small field, FIFA17 super-large-scaled modern stadium group, including nine can be used for free in national.In football after the revitalization plan, in their country the proportion of class A and class B, coach certificate holders, FIFA17 within Spain, Germany, these traditional football developed quickly on hundreds of times.

Iceland team shall practise a system of double coach, one of which lagerback was a Swedish football exploits, and gerhard grimsson is a part-time the dentist.And this made several key to save goalkeeper , and there's a professional director... Such a competetive team, yet has been both a tenacious battle effectiveness and higher tactics.Them of Dutch, FIFA17 draw with Portugal in the group, and eliminated the 1/8 final , the British media call "the first in the history of humiliation". FIFA17 for England. Nowadays, however, that's nothing to shame.

When the miracle is no longer a miracle, Iceland's stay here, already don't need too much reason, facing the next round opponent is France, 1/10 of their national will continue in the French land, FIFA17 bring them happiness to enjoy football.

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