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Happy New Chinese Year, My Friends. We are really sorry to tell u about this, we will leave you and our business about 8 days. But the Good News is our staff will keep working a...

January 26,2017

OKOGames.COM News: EA Sports announced the famous soccer in FIFA 17 game series, Who's ability value of the Fifa player's top three, Cristiano Ronaldo ranked first with ...

September 03,2016

Iceland's miracle continues. God doesn't live up to the euro spending now playing then miraculously FIFA17  team, a population of 320000, more than 1/10 of the...

August 23,2016

Orientation and properties Infinite weapons Infinite weapon will be the follow-up phase intangible / Nebula weapons in Blade and Soul. Invisible / Nebula weapons internal co...

June 07,2016

Blade and Soul exposure release schedule, the players had been more concerned about the rankings system, from the addition of Kumite Mode rankings since June. A more comprehensi...

June 04,2016