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Orientation and properties Infinite weapons Infinite weapon will be the follow-up phase intangible / Nebula weapons in Blade and Soul. Invisible / Nebula weapons internal co...

June 07,2016

Blade and Soul exposure release schedule, the players had been more concerned about the rankings system, from the addition of Kumite Mode rankings since June. A more comprehensi...

June 04,2016

Early (Newbie protection period): enter the Last Empire-War Z that did not go according to the task, three barracks of each level, the city only five depots. Has been built...

June 02,2016

On June 1, the Blade and Soul 2.2 update is coming, let's have an overview of the content with OKOGAMES.COM. Sundered Nexus Is the return on this new Blade and Soul ...

June 01,2016

Ben Lang and John Gaeta and Vicki Beck explore Lucasfilm focus on immersive story and established last year ILMxLab studio. The results of their continued very positive, even im...

May 31,2016

In the area of capital Jianyuan, forgotten forest map somewhere there is a passage into the unknown region, which is leading after 414 Blade and Soul updated version of the...

May 30,2016